National Snowman Burning Day

Yep, you read that right folks…today is National Snowman Burning Day and I for one am SICK of winter.  Granted, in the following video, the woman doesn’t set the Snowman on fire but she clearly gets her point across.  I have watched this video at least a dozen times and laugh my ass off each and every time.

Because I for one can TOTALLY relate.

It seems like we have had snowfall upon snowfall since November.  And as much as I love the fact that so many water holes that had been empty are now full,  I am ready to put my swimsuit on and get in them, fish in them, boat on them, and camp by them,  rather than just look at them on the news or from the highway.

I am ready to soak up some vitamin D in which my body has been lacking the entire winter and I do believe has turned me into a psychopath an albino like zombie.  **sprays the self tanner on her skin**


Now there have been a few days of this month that the weather has played with our heads.  It’s even gotten up to 70*F, even if it was for only one day.  But then the very next day it will be 32*F and snowing outside.

I don’t know whether to get the summer clothes out or just keep buying new winter clothes because my kids are all growing out of the stuff they have had since school started.  **thinks of just setting fire to anything that has to do with winter in hopes that it will bring some spring juju**


And then there is that dreadful W word…no not winter…the other one.  W-I-N-D.  You wake up to see that the sun is peaking through the blinds and you jump out of bed to look outside only to find that your patio furniture is now upside down in a pile against the fence because the wind is blowing 60mph.


And who wants to go out in that?

You can’t even fly a kite because the force of the wind will whip it right out of your hands.  Forget about doing your hair…even a messy bun can’t survive the brunt of those gail force winds.  The dust blows in your eyes, down your throat, and even into places you didn’t know dust could get into while being fully dressed.

Then there’s the dreaded “couped up indoors with the kids” syndrome.  You’ve pulled crafts off Pinterest, played 100 too many games of Sorry, and even done the unthinkable … MADE THEM CLEAN!

Motherhood mommy dearest winter
There actually isn’t any snow left in our yard right now so there won’t be any celebration of National Snowman Burning Day around here, but perhaps I could find a leftover stuffed one in the clearance isle at our local Wal-Mart and tell the kids we are trying out a new ritual to try and welcome spring.

National Burning Snowman Day humor
Burn you damn snowman…I want spring!
Cheers To Spring,

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Tips That Men Can Impress Their Ladies With On National Boyfriend’s Day

I am not a man who has come up with this post, nor have I interviewed any of those mortals that we women refer to as ball hugging creatures.  I am however here to perhaps help those of you morons gentlemen who do fondle handle cup scratch rub or hold those male crown jewels.

In this day and age if you want to get sex something  you need to give woo something.  Us women do have a dreaded switch…problem is the switch is usually stuck on bat shit crazy  psycho grumpy  mom mode, bitchy…or just plain ol “leave me the fuck alone” and will most likely stay that way unless you do something to “flip the switch“.

National Boyfriend's Day

Men don’t have switches…it’s not in their DNA.  How lucky for them.  And if they did, it would just always be stuck on “touch my junk“.

Therefore, in honor of National Boyfriend’s Day I am going to give some tips that men can use to impress their ladies.  In turn this means, be better boyfriend’s, lovers, and husbands and maybe just get your junk touched.

*A note taped to the mirror.  It doesn’t HAVE to be a love note.  You might be lucky and have the cool chic that would admire your sense of humor with”Hey you want to get the sheets dirty later?” and she would laugh and you’d be getting lucky in a few hours.

*A Facebook, or any social media of your choice, shout out to your favorite gal, girl, female, woman, or lady.  It’s so much less expensive than flowers that just die anyway.  But hey if your woman’s thing is flowers then by golly you better get your ass to the store and get some.  If it’s liquor, chocolate, a card, or whatever it may be…GET. IT. DONE!

*Tell her she is beautiful in a way that you “mean” it.  Even if she looks a mess because she has been busy working at the office all day, dealing with the kids all day and has 10 different kid fluids and food on her, just got done grocery shopping, or even if she is sweaty and stinky from the gym.  Make sure she knows she is not only a “hot” mess but that she is YOUR hot mess.

*Give a compliment.  Even if the only thing you can come up with is “Thanks so much for folding my shirt the right way”.  It’s at least a compliment.  Not a very brilliant one but hey, most women aren’t asking for brilliance when it comes to compliments.   We just like to feel appreciated.  Men and women have different ways of feeling appreciated.

*Don’t expect her to be in a good mood all the time.  Women have these dreadful things called HORMONES.  And men wouldn’t know what they were if they were sprinkled on their favorite meal like salt and pepper.  Could you even imagine if a man just suddenly started crying for no apparent reason?  The world would end.   So instead of pointing out her bad mood, which I am sure she is already well aware of, try making her laugh instead.  Say something funny.   Kiss her favorite spot.  Hug her and tell her…”hey everything’s going to be fine.”.

National Boyfriend's Day Tips

*Take her somewhere without asking her to make the choice.  If you have been together long enough than you should know the places she likes to go.  Or do something out of the ordinary.  And if you can’t think of something out of the ordinary then you are just plain lame.  Lame. Lame. Lame.  You don’t deserve a woman.

*Give her some time to herself.  Draw her a bubble bath.  Pour her a glass of her favorite poison.  Put on some of her favorite music.  Light some candles.  THEN LEAVE THE FUCKING ROOM!  Come back in about a half hour to see how she’s doing.  And no, this doesn’t mean naked, with your junk flashing around in her face like somehow her moment of relaxation should be interrupted for your benefit.  Check to see if she needs a refill.  Also to make sure she hasn’t fallen asleep and drowned.  Then, if you have kids, go put them little suckers to bed.  And MAYBE when she is done you can see about trying to get lucky.

*Pay attention to the music she has been listening to.  There is no better way to tell what’s going on in a girl/woman’s head than what she is listening to.  Especially if repeat is getting hit a lot.

Yes I am well aware that women can be complicated creatures.  It’s not our fault…it’s part of our DNA.  We can go from calm to crazy faster than you can scratch an itch.  You think we choose to be this way?  You think we don’t know when we are feeling or being bitchy?  The thing is, as men, you could learn to handle it a little better than just pouring gasoline on the already raging fire.

National Boyfriend's Day

And this doesn’t mean that you have to do all these things everyday either.  There are days that we are perfectly fine getting through the day without the likes of you.  But if you want more happiness in the atmosphere then you need to put out what you want back.  Complaining about it does nothing.  Action does.


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National More Herbs Less Salt Day

In the past I have written quite a few articles about the benefits of herbs.  You can read about them here … here …and here.

It just so happens that today is also the day that I have decided to get back on track once again.  For some reason I am just never very good at sticking to my weight loss goals during the summer months.  But I am happy to say that this summer, due to all the activity it has brought,  I have managed to only gain back 10 of the 28 pounds that I lost at the beginning of the year.

I keep falling off the horse but the important part is that I keep dusting myself off and getting back on.  And on and on and on….

falling off the horse exericise
I have missed Zumba tremendously!  And probably would have stuck with it had the room, in which it is performed, didn’t get to be 100*F by May.   I prefer to have a cold enviroment to work out in which is why on most 32*F mornings you will catch me out walking the neighborhood.

So as it being National More Herbs Less Salt Day, what a better day to start my health and fitness goals up again.  I said that 2016 was going to be my year and I still have 4 months to go.  I know that I can do this.

exercise humor funny
I have got the FitBit all charged up and ready and as soon as I drop the kids off for their first day of school this mama is off to the gym.  Now I will do good all week with my eating habits and no alcohol but come the weekend, we are attending a Red Sox baseball game where yes I will be indulging in clam chowder served in a sourdough bread bowl and consuming large amounts of beer.  And that will be my last hoorah with alcohol for 30 days.

Yeah I wish I looked this good as a hot mess

I am going to find a 30 day cleanse and stick to it.  This will include a lot of smoothies with a lot of herbs in them.  I was just in the garden last night picking fresh spinach and basil.  Basil grows like a weed in case anyone is interested.  I cleaned out my garden beds at the beginning of spring.  Broke up all the soil.  And even put some new soil in there and the basil from last year…CAME BACK!

Here’s to getting on a health kick once again….(to be continued)


National Dog Day


Today is National Dog Day.  Yep that’s right…a national day dedicated to the extended family furry canine hound mongrel dog friend we call a pet.

We have a wonderful German Shepard named Roxy.  And when I say she is wonderful that is probably an understatement for she endures pure torture from my 4-year-old DAILY!National Dog Day Roxy German Shepard Just last week my said 4-year-old dressed the poor dog up in this contraption.  I am baffled where she found a matching pair of socks as I can’t find a matching pair to save my life!

Roxy was given to us by my dad because he had 3 dogs and 2 of them (one being Roxy) wouldn’t get along.  I was glad it was Roxy he was willing to give up, because I wouldn’t have taken the other dog.  She was dumber than a box of rocks and I swear must have been a pig dressed in a dog uniform.  She ate more than my 5 kids put together.

Roxy was originally a pound puppy who apparently came from a family who fell on hard times and couldn’t keep her.  But for me, she has been the best dog I have ever had…and I have had a lot of dogs.


She loves my kids like a second mother.  She sleeps with them, lies on them, and if they’re outside in the yard, so is she.  Like she is watching over them to make sure they are safe.  It can be 100*F out there and she will lay her ass somewhere and wait until they come inside.

Now granted, even though the 4-year-old loves to torment poor Roxy she is also always sneaking her little hand in the treat bag and let’s just say that Roxy is never in a lack of 10-15 treats a day.  And if anyone forgets to give her a treat well she will stare at you for whatever length of time it takes, until you finally pay attention to her neediness.

“Are you going to give me my treat or am I just going to have to sit here batting my eyes at you for hours???”

She also loves to claw get your attention with her paw.  This will usually end up resulting in a scar where ever she has decided to do this.  If you are playing and run…you better run fast because her and her vicious claws paws will come in contact with whatever bare skin you have exposed.  Fuck the teeth…look out for my dog’s nails!

I have thought of painting them a time or 12.

Most days she can be found sleeping on the couch or any varations of beds in the house.  She has a dog pillow which my kids use more of as a pillow than she does.  I think I have seen her laying on it maybe twice in the 5 years we have had her.  And if you are in her spot on the couch she will lay on top of you until you either move or she farts and makes you move.

Yeah, we usually blame it on Frank around here too! 😂😂😂

So if you have a dog then remember to make sure to give him or her that extra attention today for today is their day…National Dog Day.

Could I get A National Fucking Momster Day over here???

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National Couples Appreciation Month

National Couples Appreciation Month relationships marriage dating

April is National Couples Appreciation Month.  So if you haven’t let your other half know how much you want to kill them appreciate them in awhile…then sometime this month is your chance.

My husband and I have been together since November of 2008, after meeting on the internet.  It didn’t take us long to become inseparable.  The fact that he could make me laugh ALL THE TIME is what attracted me to him the most.  He’s not bad to look at either.  *wink wink*  I mean who wouldn’t fall in love with someone who was brave enough to show off “the goat” after about a week of dating.

National Couples Appreciation Month relationships marriage dating love

Now I am sure you are wondering what “the goat” is right?  And I even tried to find an image of it on the internet with no success.  Basically it has to do with a man being naked and then tucking his balls between his legs and mooning you.  I was tempted to have my husband demonstrate his lovely talent but I don’t want to scare anyone.  But if you are laughing right now, then you have obviously painted a picture in your head and we are good!

Moving on….

We have been through a lot of ups and downs throughout the years, just like any relationship.  But I can honestly say that the ups still outweigh the downs tremendously.  We are both stubborn as hell which doesn’t help when we find some ridiculous thing to argue about like who’s better at driving or who takes longer to get ready for a date night.  But through it all I have come to realize that no matter what…he’s the one person in this world who has and always will have my back.  Who has seen me at my worst and still managed not to run for the hills to keep on loving me.

National Couples Appreciation Month relationships marriage dating

I know I don’t tell him enough how much I appreciate him.  I think we both just get busy with daily life sometimes and forget that this life we have built starts with the strong foundation we created…us.  We both work hard to provide love and stability for our family.

We recently had the pleasure of spending an entire week together, on vacation, with no kids.  The best part about the vacation was that I realized the foundation is still here…even with all the cracks and all the wear and tear it’s still just as strong, if not stronger, than the first day we met.  Or should I say, since the first day he showed me “the goat”?

Have you appreciated your other half lately?

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Steak And BJ Day 2016


Steak And BJ Day March 14 humor

It’s that time of year again so I thought I would share an oldie with a few little updates.

What is this you speak of?  You mean that time of year has come again already?  Seems like just yesterday you…my dear husband…were muttering those same words to me.

steak and BJ day March 14 humor

Seriously who thought of this idea?  Obviously someone with a penis and a lack of iron.


I guess next year I will have to try to remember to put it on my calendar…”hey siri…please remind me that March 14, 2017 is steak and BJ day and that I need to plan a-head….literally”.  Buy wait…I don’t need reminding for I have you my dear husband who starts talking about it months before.


This post has been getting a serious amount of hits the last week but pretty much daily it gets looked at.  Below is just today’s stats and it’s only 8:44am in the US right now

Steak And BJ Day March 14 humor stats domesticated momster

Oh…by the way…March 15th is chocolate cake and massage day for women!  So make sure you put that one on your calendars guys!!!  And don’t mutter the phrase “That’s Valentine’s Day”.  I for one don’t care about Valentine’s Day dear husband.

They even have their very own Facebook Page.

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~National Curmudgeons Day~

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy crabby

I had to actually look up what curmudgeon meant.

Noun: a bad-tempered or surly person.
synonyms: grumbler · complainer · moaner · curmudgeon · grump ·
sourpuss · whiner · sorehead · crab

And today is dedicated to all of us curmudgeons!

Now one of my goals this year is not to be so grumpy and let me tell you…it’s been a difficult task to keep to.  Let’s face it…motherhood, marriage, cutting out junk food, no wine, aches from working out, and the dead of winter can make anyone waspish cantankerous bearish crotchety snappy grumpy from time to time.

Crotchety…now there’s a word.  I think I will find out where that word originated from.  **looks up origin of crochety**

“Best Answer: The main word to consider here is crotchet. Dating to Middle English, crotchet was used in various related senses to refer to a hook or hook-like instrument. A main figurative sense, recorded since the late sixteenth century, was ‘an odd fancy or whimsical notion; a trivial idea contrary to common opinion’. Example: “The duke had crotchets in him. He would be drunk too; that let me inform you” (Shakespeare, Measure for Measure).

The adjective crotchety, then, means ‘characterized by crotchets; given to odd notions, whims, grouchiness, etc.’.

The thing that needs explaining here is the connection between ‘hook’ and ‘odd fancy; whim’, something that has never been satisfactorily explained. The most likely candidate is that crochet ‘hook’ is used in a sense like ‘twisted’, with the same connotations as that term now has. Another related term having the same semantic pattern is crank ‘an eccentric person; a peculiar whim’, from the main sense ‘bent part of a shaft’. The word bent itself is another, though later, example.”

The adjective crotchety is first found in the early nineteenth century.

How boring…moving on…

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

Some say that the day is to be celebrated by never leaving the house.  Those people obviously don’t have kids and errands to run.  Of course there were days when my little monsters were babies that I wouldn’t leave the house shower for days.  Thank goodness those days are long gone.  I am sure my armpits are happy too.

Here’s a list of things that caused me to be a curmudgeon this week.

*The guy who insisted on taking up the treadmill right next to me when there were 8 others to choose from.

*My kids taking 20 minutes to wake up and get out of bed which then made me late getting ready and I left the house without brushing my hair or my teeth!

*My menstrual cycle which was two weeks late and the $10 I spent on a pregnancy test because my period is NEVER late.  My husband is snipped but I have heard stories of women still getting pregnant.

*Denver Broncos haters and all their shit talking.

*My kids writing what resembles hieroglyphics on the side of my dirty SUV…it’s like having an entire bumper sticker that screams “HEY LOOK AT MY MOMMOBILE!”.  I relate when I see other vehicles with the same types of scribbles.

*My husband griping about how many trips I make to the grocery store.  Look dude, we run out of things almost daily and I would just rather do several little trips than one big trip…I am tired of people staring at me with my overflowing cart at the grocery store like I am some kind of alien from the land of kidstune.  Not to mention I loathe loading onto the belt, loading into the cart, loading into the truck, unloading bags from truck to inside the house, and then putting all that shit away!  I’d seriously rather scrape my teeth on the pavement.

National Curmudgeon Day grumpy bad mood

*Our so called new and improved, supposed to be faster, internet that still buffers when I am trying to get my workout on via YouTube.  Nothing like getting all warmed up and sweating only to suddenly have to stop for 10 minutes while it buffers.  By the time it comes back on I have moved onto the couch onto other things.

*I cheated on my healthy track and felt it today at Zumba class.  Just goes to prove that what you put in your body totally effects how you feel.  I had to really push myself and I am feeling a bit curmudgeon.


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~National Get Smart About Credit Day~

National Get Smart About Credit Day

I remember when I was just starting out with my life…graduated high school and was ready to tackle the world…but how would I do that without a credit card?

Luckily I was 24 when I got my first credit card…it was a Sears Card (still have it) and I had watched enough friends go through “credit hell” to know that credit cards were bad news.  I also had a wise old grandfather who liked to remind me all the time that “credit cards were the devil.” he would say.  And by golly he was right.

Today is National Get Smart About Credit Day and I have decided to share a few things that I have learned along the way about credit and your credit score.

Don’t open a charge account every time a department store tells you they will give you a discount for opening one.  Department store credit cards are always higher in interest.  Usually averaging in around 23% or higher.  Not to mention that the more credit cards you have activated…the more it hurts your credit.

Pay attention to your debt to credit ratio.  This means that the amount of credit you have available should be higher than that you are using.  Much higher.  Your credit score with be majorly affected if you go above a 50% ratio.

Don’t close unused accounts.  This goes with the statement above.  If you have cards you don’t use it’s not always a good idea to close them because that also lowers your debt to credit ratio and believe it or not also takes points off your score.

When buying something via loan be aware that every inquiry on your credit hurts your credit score.  I am sure you are asking, then how am I supposed to find the best deal for a loan?  Staying on top of your credit score and having this information readily available with you can avoid them having to do an inquiry on your credit report. Credit Karma is a great place to keep track of your credit report and score and it’s free!  It really is.  If you have been with a particular bank for a long time your best bet would be to check with them first about obtaining a loan.  Especially when doing a car loan.

Don’t use a credit card unless you can pay it off each month.  I know that for some this is a very difficult task, so try to limit your use to only using credit cards for emergencies.  Not to obtain a want, but a need, rather.  Yes that new dress would be great hanging in the closet but just add up in your head how much you will actually pay for it after you have taken 6 months and lots of interest payments later to pay for it.

When getting a major credit card try to obtain one with a points perk. And make sure they don’t expire! You can build up points quickly by using the credit card for everyday purchases and making sure to pay it off before the grace period.  Just make sure you keep track of what you are spending so you are not surprised when you go to pay it.

National Get Smart About Credit Day

Zero interest or same as cash is awesome.  If you can purchase something with one of your cards and get so many months same as cash…go for it!  Just make sure that you pay the amount before the end, or the credit card will charge you all the back interest for not paying within the said time limit.  Best way to do this is to take the total of what you are going to owe and divide it by how many months you have to pay it and then pay that amount every month.  I am all for borrowing someone else’s money for free and not having to dig into my own savings for a big purchase.

Try and get lower interest rates.  When  your credit score is in good standing and you have been paying your bills on time call your credit card companies and see if they would be willing to offer you a lower rate or a special offer on a balance transfer.  Only do balance transfers if they are really going to save you a ton of money.  The hidden fees in balance transfers sometimes out weigh the money you think you are saving.

Always have one credit card in use.  To keep your credit score up you must always be using your credit.  Therefore even if you hate using credit cards, if you love having a good score then you will want to always have one card you are using at least once a month.  Even if you just make a small purchase with it and pay it off before interest.

Please note that I am not a financial advisor or banker, I am just sharing with you what I have learned through my history with credit.

Do you have anything to add to this with your personal history?  Please let me know in the comments.

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~National One-Hit Wonder Day~

National One-Hit Wonder Day, #NationalOneHitWonderDay

Who doesn’t love a good one-hit wonder? Well today is the day to celebrate them cause it’s National One-Hit Wonder Day!  You know…that one song that one band had that never stopped playing on the radio and then some how the rest of their music never even hit the charts?

Let’s take a little peek into some from the years…starting with my favorite decade…

 *1980 Cars by Gary Numan personally I never knew who even sang that song but I can sing it pretty much word for word.

                                 Funkytown by Lipps Inc Oh let’s get out the roller skates!

                    *1981 Believe It Or Not by Joey Scarbury Who didn’t love some “Greatest American Hero“???

                    *1982 Mickey by Toni Basil I remember making up dances with my friends to this song…over and over again!

                                Tainted Love by Soft Cell This song has had some good remakes but nothing compares to an original.

                    *1983 Come On Eileen by Dexy Midnight Runners This is my all time favorite 80’s song!

                                Puttin On The Ritz by Taco A talent show favorite!

                    *1984 99 Red Balloons by Nena This comes into close second of my favorite 80’s songs!  The original being in German and even though I took 3 years of German in high school…still don’t understand a word of it. But the English version ROCKS!

                                Warrior by Scandal Instant girl power!!!  Shooting at those walls of heart ache in the 80’s.

                                All I Need by Jack Wagner Now here is a guy who didn’t make it as a singer but has gone on to be a famous soap opera actor starring in shows such as Melrose Place and General Hospital.  I even surprise myself with some of the information I seek.

                     *1985 In My House by Mary Jane Girls I was 12 when this song came out …why was I listening to these kind of lyrics???

                                  Relax by Frankie Goes To Hollywood At 12 I knew exactly what this song was about **😳**

                     *1986  I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry This is my dad’s theme song…luckily he doesn’t read my blog.

                                  No Easy Way Out by Robert Tepper Who the fuck heck is Robert Tepper?  But I love me some Rocky IV! I will crush U!

                     *1987 Heart And Soul by T’Pau One of those songs you sing really loud when the chorus come on.

Living In A Box by Living In A Box Who names the song after their band?  These fools that’s who!

*1988 Honestly by Stryper Go ahead and laugh but me and my big haired friends of the 80’s loved us some Stryper. **shakes head**

Pump Up The Volume by Marrs Classic…that is all!

*1989 When I’m With You by Sheriff It’s songs like these that makes one realize why they are one hit wonders.

Don’t Close Your Eyes by Kixx OMG! The memories of being 16! Did I seriously listen to this shit???

Man I loved the 80’s…There are tons more songs that I could have listed but I would be here writing this post until Tuesday of next week so moving on…

*1990 Nothing Compares To You by Sinead O’Connor The best looking bald girl I have ever seen!  Britney Spears has nothing on her.

Joey by Concrete Blondes Could we please get some music like this today???

*1991 I Touch Myself by Divinyls I was masturbating long before this song.  Yes I said that.  Shocking I know.

I’ll Never Let You Go by Steelheart I am pretty sure I have heard this a time or 20 at karaoke usually by drunk guys with mullets.

*1992 I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred Fred is in no way, shape, or form remotely sexy.

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix A Lot This song may be a one hit wonder but will never go away!

*1993 Woot There It Is by 95 South I am grasping at straws here.

*1994 Baby I Love Your Way by Big Mountain … got nothing but maybe a car commercial.

*1995 Rhythm Of The Night by Corona I am pretty sure I danced drunk to this song a few times.

Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex Oh the days of being drunk in the country bar and trying to learn those line dances.

*1996 Missing by Everything But The Girl Somewhere in the back of a club somewhere…I was missing no one…what did you think I was doing???  Geesh!

In The Meantime by Spacehog I wonder what happened to these guys…no punt intended.

*1997 Bitch by Meredith Brooks I am pretty sure this is a lot of bitches nice girls’ theme song. 😇

If You Could Only See by Tonic  The song explaining why every man loves the “crazy” bitch.

*1998 Closing Time by Semisonic Why is this listed as a one hit wonder???  It’s still paving the way for all those drunk guys sitting at the end of the bar at closing time.

Crush by Jennifer Paige paved the way for every drunk girl at the end of the bar at closing time.

*1999 Praise You by Fatboy Slim The video helping dorky people hit their 15 minutes of fame in the mall.

She’s So High by Tal Bachman Again, not sure who Tal Bachman is but can think of a few movies I liked with this song…”American Pie anyone???  **takes note to blog about 90’s classic movies**

I really had to strain myself with that decade…probably because I was still listening to 80’s music 😜onto the next…

*2000 Take A Picture by Filter Where lyrics don’t need to make any sense what so ever!

I Will Love Again by Lara Fabian Hmmm wonder why her career never went anywhere???

*2001 Butterfly by Crazy Town I am pretty sure there were lots of drugs revolving around this song…I am talking about consumed by the band of course…**looks around while whistling**

Breathless by The Corrs Somehow this song was from their 3rd studio album…what happened to the first 2?

*2002 Where Ever YouWill Go by The Calling The music industry called…and hung up…after this song.

Wasting My Time by Default  A real “fuck forget you for wasting my time on you” kind of song.

*2003 All The Things She Said by T.A.T.U…I am pretty sure the only thing I remember about these girls is MTV music awards and their showing up in their underwear.  And they make out in the video.

Stacy’s Mom by Fountains Of Wayne  Putting hot moms on the map!!!

*2004 Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard I have nothing.

1985 by Bowling For Soup Are these guys singing about me?

*2005 Feel Good Inc. by Gorillaz My kids are dancing.

*2006 About Us by Brooke Hogan Not quite as much success as her father.  Notice I said success not talent.

Lips Of An Angel by Hinder Can’t for the life of me think of why these guys didn’t make it. **sarcastic voice**

*2007 Here (In Your Arms) by Hellogoodbye  It’s all in the name of the band.

Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Cleaning the house in my underwear!  Yes I used to do that before kids.

*2008 Sorry by Buckcherry …………..sorry.

All Summer Long by Hit Masters Oh the drunken memories…of the summer before I got married and knocked up!

*2009 Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings still lives on my iPod…*bows head*

Wanted by Jesse James …good thing she’s so pretty and her husband still plays football.

Wow…I must not have listened to the radio much in this decade…plus I was in my own band making music.

*2010 According To You by Orianthi My 4-year-old just went and got her guitar and requested I paint her nails purple.

Bulletproof by La Roux I have seen that hair-do somewhere before…in the 80’s.

*2011 Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People Bought the album…based on this song…MISTAKE!

*2012 Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye Didn’t buy the album because of one song…YAY ME!

*2013 Get Lucky by Daft Punk Bringing back the 70’s y’all!

*2014 Let Her Go by Passenger The voice doesn’t fit the face…AT ALL!

Wow!  It’s been a long day and I need to listen to some good music now…**turns on Five Finger Death Punch**

What’s your favorite one-hit wonder?  Let me know in the comments!

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~National Cheeseburger Day~

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheesburgerDay

It’s my weekly post dedicated to a “National Day” of my choice.  This week I am picking…National Cheesburger Day.  I mean really… who doesn’t like a good burger?  Vegans and vegetarians need not answer that question although there are so many ways to substitute meat these days.  But I myself just like good old fashioned meat as a burger.  I also like a lot of pickles and mustard and occasionally a good slice of onion depending on what my plans are for later **winks**.  Oh and let’s not forget the bacon, mushrooms, jalapeños, etc.  There’s not much I don’t like on a burger.

Here’s a little history of the burger

So for today forget about the diet plan and changing of eating habits.

National Cheeseburger Day #NationalCheeseburgerDay

What is your favorite toppings on your cheeseburger?  Where is your favorite place to get a cheeseburger?  Answer in the comments below!

Bon Appetit!

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