My First Red Sox Game

About 2 or 3 months ago my husband decided that since the Boston Red Sox were playing the Oakland A’s (we live 5 hours from Oakland, CA) that he decided we were going to spend our Labor Day weekend going to the game.

My First Red Sox Game ~ Domesticated Momster
To say he was as excited as a child on Christmas would be an understatement.  He’s a huge Red Sox fan and one of his best friends got to go too, so that made things even better for him.

Now don’t get me wrong, I was excited too but I knew it was going to be a rough weekend dragging three small kids around Oakland, CA, which my first and only impression of, was an absolute cesspool dump, and we also decided to cross over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Fransisco, where the entire population of the town we live in, was located on just one pier.  As our friend Seth said “there are too many people everywhere.”.

kids leashes crowds
It’s no joke when you have 3 little people in a crowd of transients


I can see why there are people who have their kids attached to leashes in large crowds.  I was constantly counting and watching my children that I didn’t really get to enjoy the few hours we spent there.

I did however enjoy this fabulous sourdough bread bowl…My First Red Sox Game~Domesticated Momsterfilled with the best Clam Chowder I have ever had at a restaurant called Boudin Sourdough Bakery And Restaurant.  I also had the combination tacos which were full of flavor and did not disappoint on the freshness of the seafood inside of them.  The place was a bit pricey, especially since we were a large party but there was a great view and the service was fantastic.

golden gate bridge san fransisco
We also visited a half dozen sports memorabilia stores while we were there, in search of anything David Ortiz that we could possibly get signed, since he is planning to retire after this season.  You would think that one who had planned months ahead to go to this game, would have said memorabilia with them already.  *taps head*

We get to game day and my husband wants to get there early to watch batting practice and hopefully get a signature.  The desk clerk assures us it’s just a short 15 minute walk to the stadium.  More like 30, through the trashiest part of town, and a ton of traffic.  Again I wish I would have had leashes as my kids are too big for strollers.  And my anxiety level of them falling off the curb, into oncoming traffic, was off the charts.

Boston Red Sox Oakland A's Stadium

We finally made it there, waited in line to get in for about 30 more minutes and finally got to our seats.  Ten minutes later my poor 4 year old was fast asleep.  She had the starting of a cold that morning and also had gotten her ears pierced…one of which fell out that night and the hole closed and she was so traumatized by the first time that I think it will be a while before she decides to get that side done again.  So for now, she only has one side pierced.

sleepy girl sick tired

As the night went on my son also started getting sick.  He would get cold and then hot and his nose, no matter how much he blew it, would not stop running.  It was the top of the 7th and it was pretty clear that the Red Sox were going to win but I also knew that my hubby would want to stay to the end so I decided that I would take the kids and call uber (it’s like a cab company but with independent drivers who have been screened) and head back to the hotel.


Not that our hotel was bad or anything, but just the night before we had an Über driver tell us that the Wal-Mart in the neighborhood had closed down because they were losing $10,000 a day in theft.  He also laughed at my husband (who grew up in East Las Vegas) when he replied “this doesn’t seem like a bad area.”.

Apparently Uber is not allowed to come inside the stadium property so here I am, in the dark, with 3 small children, in an area that is just plain scary and my Uber driver can’t find where I am located.  So I then decided we will just walk back to the hotel using the walk app on my iPhone.


bad neighborhood lost dark
I’m not exaggerating

It’s dark and I am totally turned around and the walking app kept trying to take us on the freeway.  I ended up in a neighborhood that no woman and her 3 small children should have been walking in after dark.  I was trying to stay calm but my kids were clearly scared, tired, and just wanted to go back to the hotel.

Little did they know SO DID MOMMY!

Finally I cancelled out the first Uber and ordered another who actually had to call me to find out exactly where I was and when I got in the van he asked how I ended up in this neighborhood and what a bad neighborhood it was.  I was just happy to be inside a vehicle and headed back to the hotel.

uber driver lost night
What I literally felt like once the uber driver found us


Someday it will be a story to tell my kids.

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How To Use Snapchat

So unless you have been living under a rock, I am sure you have heard of Snapchat.  But for some it can be a little confusing, maybe intimidating, or maybe you think it’s only for teenie boppers.  SO. NOT. TRUE.

So here I am to give you a little lesson in how to use Snapchat.

I have been on Snapchat for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it!  It’s not my most used app but I do use it at least once a day.  And my kids love letting me take silly pictures of them with it.

First you want to download the app and give yourself a name.  If you blog, I would use your blogging name.  Below is a picture of the screen that pops up when you have made an account and open the app.

snapchat screen tips how to use
At the upper left is a lightning bolt with an x.  This is where you can turn the flash on or off.  There might also be a moon there letting you know that you might want to use the flash.  I don’t usually use a flash so mine is usually set to no flash.

In the middle of the top is the little snapchat ghost character.  If you tap it you get a screen that looks like this…

snapchat screen tips how to use
This is where you can see who has added you and you can add others.  The great thing about snapchat is that anyone who has their yellow snapchat window displayed like on a profile pic etc.  All you have to do is take a pic of it…then come back to this screen, click on add friends, then add by snapcode, choose the photo you took of their snap window and they are automatically added.  You can also add by username, address book, or even if someone is nearby and has their snapchat app open.

If you tap on the yellow square you can record a short video that will be displayed within the ghost character of your window.  Just tap it and then when you are ready tap the circle at the bottom of the yellow ghost window display, and be ready.  To get back just press the arrow on the left.  At the top left is a circle arrow with the snapchat ghost in the middle.  This is if you want to delete your existing profile video.

The question mark at the top left on the add friends screen above will show you how to add friends using their snapcode and your phone.  The middle trophy symbol shows a trophy case based on what kind of stuff you have done with your snapchat.  And the settings pin wheel on the right brings up your account information where you can make any changes if needed.

To get back to the camera screen just swipe up on the little ^ symbol at the bottom of the screen.


On the top right of this screen is a little camera symbol.  This is used to turn your camera to front facing view or facing away view depending on what you are going to snap or record.  The fun thing about snapchat is if you are in front facing view and line your face up then place your finger on your face until a graph appears over it, you will then notice a bunch of different stuff at the bottom.  These are the “fun” filters!  And they change regularly.   I particularly like the one I have chosen.

snapchat screen tips help to use

When you tap the circle it takes the picture.  If you keep pressing the button it will record.  So now from this screen you have some choices.  If you hate the pic, then at the top left just tap the x and it will disappear forever.

If you don’t want to use a filter then just hit the x and it will take you back to plain camera mode.

In the second picture below, if you tap on the little page symbol it brings up a page of emojis in which you can put in your picture and even adjust their size and rotation by using your fingers on the screen.  You can also use the T symbol to add text.  If you tap the T a second time the text will increase in size and you can also adjust its size, location, and rotation by using two fingers.

The little pen symbol on the far top right is to use color to scribble words or draw on your picture using your fingertip.  There is even a color line to choose different colors to use.

snapchat screen how to use tips help

snapchat screen how to use tips help

On the bottom left is a circle with a number in the middle of it.  This is used to set the time of how long you want someone to see your snap.  You can set it anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds.  I usually just leave mine on 10.  I want everyone to have ample time to see my foolishness sense of humor silliness.

To the right of that is an arrow pointing down into a half square.  This is used to save your pic or video to your camera roll if you love it that much.

And to the right of that is a partial square with a plus sign which gives you the option to add to your “story” instantly which is what I will go over next.

You can also swipe to the right for different filters such as black and white, there’s a mph screen, what the temp in your area screen, the time, and if you have done a video there are snail and rabbit features which can speed up or slow down any talking in your video.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

If you are happy with your snap pic and ready to send it out then press the bottom right flashing arrow. Which then brings you to this screen.  Disregard the Instagram message at the top…it came through right as I was screenshotting the photo.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

Now, “my story” will put your snap out for everyone to see.  So if you are trying to snap a naughty pic to your other half I wouldn’t suggest this option.  Of course I don’t do that…what kind of Momster do you think I am?

Putting your snap on “my story” leaves it up for 24 hours.  If you want to snap to individuals only, then choose who you want to send to from your list and tap the square at the far right hand side of their names.  Then just click the arrow in the far right of the blue box at the bottom that pops up once you have made choices on who to send it to.  I usually just post mine in “my story” for everyone to see.  If you send it to an individual they can only see it once for the time that you set.  But they are able to take a screenshot and then Snapchat lets you know when this has been done.

In “my story” they are usually able to view it twice.

You can also text using snapchat.  From the main screen just click on the bottom left square.  If this square is red, it means you have snaps that people have personally sent to you.  When you tap the square it brings you to the page on the left.  Just choose who you want to text message, then swipe on their name to the right and the page on the right pops up.  You can send pics, call (if they are in your phonebook), and even chat live.

snapchat screen how to use help tips

Chatting sometimes is a pain because snapchat of course erases it as soon as it has been opened and sometimes I open the app and it’s gone before I got a chance to read it.  I like to call that “snack chat”.

So there are some basics for you to get started with.  There is probably some stuff I am leaving out but don’t be afraid to play around with the app.  It can be a lot of fun and I have come across some pretty interesting snappers.  And if you do decide to get familiar with the app don’t forget to add me!

Yours Truly,

Domesticated Momster Signature
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Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Tag

sisterhood world bloggers domesticated momster blogging

I was tagged a few times for the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers, and in the midst of holiday bliss and just plain old bad record keeping I have forgotten all but the most recent who happens to be the lovely lady at Bumbi’s Mom.  Take a flight over to her blog and check out her post and while you’re there don’t hesitate to take a look around.  Her blog is awesome and so is she.

Here’s the rules…

*Thank the blogger who gave you the award and link back to their blog
*Answer the 10 questions given to you
*Nominate seven bloggers for the award
*Write 10 questions for your nominees to answer
*Display the award on your blog or post

So let’s get right down to it…

First question…

Why do you blog?

Honestly blogging has saved my sanity.  After making a huge move from a place I had spent 20 years building my life, I had a really hard time adjusting.  I was becoming depressed and resentful towards my husband and one day he said to me “you just need to find a hobby or meet new people”.

Now meeting new people for me isn’t easy.  Especially since for the most part, I’m an introvert.  I racked my brain for hobbies but besides photography and art nothing was jumping out at me.

Then one day BAM!  I realized there were things I wanted to say and the best way to go about doing that was to blog.  Within the hour Domesticated Momster was up and running.

And I was clueless as to wtf I was doing.

But over time I figured stuff out and was quite proud that my 40 something old brain had created my own little corner of the world wide web.

If you would like to read a funny little spoof about bloggers click here.

Question two…

What do you love about blogging?

By far that would be the people I have met.  Not in actual person but via blogging and social media.  And hopefully I will get to meet some of them, someday, in person.

It is great being able to relate to other mothers and to know I’m not the only one over here banging my head against the wall, refrigerator, steering wheel, etc.. and spending hundreds of dollars on cheap wine to get through everyday the bad days.

Question three…

What did I eat last?

Breakfast burritos for dinner.  I have been cleaning and doing laundry all day and decided that I wanted to do something quick and easy for dinner.  I honestly hate thinking about “what’s for dinner” everyday.  I don’t meal plan.  And I am horrible at remembering to take out meat from the freezer so usually end up at the grocery store buying some.

Fourth question…

What is your favorite movie?

I’m going to go with “When A Man Loves A Woman“.  It’s an oldie starring Meg Ryan as an alcoholic.  I am also a huge fan of “Flashdance” and “Urban Cowboy“…which is really putting my age out there.  *shrieks*

Question six…

Last concert you went to?

I sadly haven’t been to a concert since I was 9 months pregnant with my now 6 year old son.  It was Metallica and we were in the nosebleed section which meant I had to get up every 20 minutes and walk down a flight of stairs, very steep I might add, to go pee.

Question seven…

Do You Have Any Pets?  If so tell us about them.

We have one German Shepard.  (Do children count here?)  She is spoiled and lazy but very protective of my kids.  And even with as much attention she receives from them…she is always in my face begging for more.

Question #eight…

Favorite phone app?

Hmm…there are so many.  I have a lot of fun with Instagram lately.  I love seeing into people’s lives via pictures.

Ninth question…

What is the weather like today where you live?

It was beautiful outside.  Sunny and 60*F…just  like I like it…tomorrow’s forecast…f`ing rain and snow mix.

Tenth and final question…

What is your favorite time of day?

Whenever I can get a moments peace to myself.  If there is such a thing with 4 kids, a dog, a husband, a laundry pile, and cleaning to be done.  Usually pretending to poop or shower so no one bothers me.  Well even then I still hear “MOMMY?”.  Or don’t you just love when you are rinsing your face in the shower to turn around and find one of your kids just standing there staring at you?  I. LOVE. THAT.  Like scare the shit out of me psycho type scenario.

Thanks again Bumbi’s Mom for nominating me.  I am actually going to nominate a few bloggers.  If you would like to participate great …if not please don’t feel obligated.

My questions are as follows:

  1. What’s your favorite poison, if you have one?
  2. What’s the best show you are watching on TV these days, and why?  That is for those of us who have time to watch TV.
  3. When was the last time you had sex?  Too personal?  Oh well get over it.  This can include sex with yourself.
  4. Tattoos or no tattoos?  Piercings?  Any odd places you wish to share?
  5. What was the last piece of writing you read, either book, blog or otherwise, that you thoroughly enjoyed?
  6. What was the best part of your day today?
  7. What was the worst part of your day?
  8. What age did you lose your virginity?  Too personal again.  Well suck it up.  I get tired of the same ol questions for these things.
  9. Iphone or Android and why?
  10. What’s the song you listen to the most these days?

My nominees are as follows:

Brenda at More Than Just A Soccer Mom

Agent Spitback

Laura at Crazy Life, Tired Wife

Katie at I’m Luving This Life

Meme And Harri

Anna Rosenblum Palmer 

Pen at The Single Swan

If anyone else would like to participate PLEASE DO!  And make sure to tag me so I can read your answers to my thought processed questions 💋💨


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Quote Of The Week ~ April 17, 2016

I guess there’s quite a fine line between someone’s opinion of you and their critiquing of who you are.

It’s kind of like the old saying of “There’s no such thing as bad press”.  

I’ve always considered myself pretty good at taking constructive critisicm.  I believe one cannot grow without knowing if others think they are good at something or need improvement.  As humans there are always ways to improve ourselves.

It’s called living.

And I would rather be noticed for saying, doing, and being me than to be a nobody.

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Let’s Talk About Sex

Let’s Talk About Sex.

My 3 Day Diet

I have come to the realization that it is time for me to get on the healthy track because who wouldn’t want to be cute and sexy and fit in the clothes that have been hoarded in my closet long before the days of having babies?  It’s a never ending cycle really…lose a few pounds, fit in those jeans you love (when I say fit I mean trying to jump into them from a second story window and then doing 20 or 30 squats to try and get them lose enough to breath) eating with such said jeans on, is of course, not an option.  Then I decide that the jeans are over rated and so is this whole idea of trying to be skinny so onto the hanger go the jeans and off to the store in my favorite sweat or yoga pants I go to obtain all the beer, wine, and goodies that I can fit into one basket.  The next morning the scale is my worst enemy and the cycle starts all over again.

So here I find myself at the gym again skimming through Pinterest while passing the dreadful 20 minutes of the treadmill when something catches my eye. What is this? A diet for 3 days that can help me lose up to 10 pounds!!! Is this for real? And of course in the midst of my excitement I find myself missing a step and having to push the emergency stop button on the machine.  After recovering myself from complete and utter treadmill failure I continue to read about this glorious 10 pounds in 3 days diet…cause let’s face it anyone can stick to anything for 3 days right?

Well here I am in the middle of day two and the children are still alive and my husband,lucky for him, is getting ready to go to work.  I haven’t had any caffeine which for this mother of 5 means that someone’s white shirt will soon be pink and the milk will switch places with the cereal and find it’s resting ground in the cupboard and at sometime before the end of day I will be shuffling around in a manner in which resembles one of those walker characters on the “Walking Dead”.  I also am not allowed any alcohol which means after my long day of  3 toddlers when usually I would draw a bubble bath and pour a glass (very large glass in which holds half a bottle) of wine and slip into what feels like a small coma, instead I will be trying to find something to do, which lastnight consisted of thumbing through food recipes on Pinterest only to make me realize even more the sacrifices I am making for these 3 days.

Do I feel better? Have I lost any weight? Am I hungry? The truth is I have no energy and I am quite certain that I burned off every calorie consumed yesterday at the gym and couldn’t even finish my routine due to utter exhaustion.  I refuse to get on the scale even though it feels like a giant elephant in the bathroom, and although I am not hungry, per say, every time I open the refrigerator I see every bit of everything that looks good including the wilted lettuce that is probably a day away from being mush which sits right next to the cold beer that looks like it has a light layer of frost on the bottle which I know is just my alcohol deprived mind playing tricks on me.  But I go on looking forward to my next meal (although I don’t call two hotdogs and a cup of broccoli a meal) and in looking forward to I mean checking and rechecking the diet list for day two which never changes no matter how many times I look at it.