~What Home Means To Me~

I was tagged by the lovely Debbie at Random Musings to describe what home means to me. I am usually quite horrible at responding to being tagged but this one peaked my interest.

When I was younger, teenage years, I didn’t like home.  This was due to the asshole step-father who resided there and made everyday a wonder of what was going to set him off.  All I wanted was to go t0 my friends’ houses, my friends who had normal parents and where no one was walking on egg shells.  But for some reason my mother insisted that I needed to be “home“.  I’m sure it’s because my step-father wanted no part of me to experience happiness.

When I left there and moved to Las Vegas, NV…I moved in with my dad while I attended school.  And as much as my dad went out of his way to let me decorate and redecorate and paint and repaint that house, it was still his house.  I have to give the man kudos, he let me put teal carpet in my room and the living room and even teal and white linoleum throughout the kitchen, dining room, and hallway.  Yes the 90’s were all about teal and mauve…blech!

90s home decor mauve teal
The next place I lived was a condo in which my then husband and I shared with a roommate.  A roommate who’s boyfriend eventually resided there as well…rent free and enjoyed lounging around in his underwear and never cleaning up after himself.  He also loved leaving the condo with every light on, the washer and dryer running constantly, and one time I came home to find he had left the gas stove on.

Let’s fast forward to the present because if I were to go through every place I’ve lived or called home this post could become long, drawn out, and boring.

Home for me now is where the family, in which I have created with my husband, all live together.  It’s not the sticks or stucco that create the walls but the screaming laughter that rings throughout them.  It’s not the tile or wood that make up the floors but the tiny footsteps I hear throughout the day and sometimes late at night, slamming running across them.

Oh let’s cut the crap!

It’s the kitchen in which I slave away trying to cook good meals for my family to eat, only to hear my husband give me an opinion which I didn’t ask for.  **puts tongue in cheek**

It’s the piles of laundry, toys strung from one end of the house to the other, dust that always seems to land on a constantly moving fan, blankets never on the beds in which they belong, dog hair…dog fucking hair EVERYWHERE!


home memories mess


The syrup and jam lurking in crevices of the kitchen that I inevitably stick my hand or more likely step my foot in.  It’s the never ending bundles of socks stuck in the cushions of the couch and shoved under beds and in drawers where clean clothes lie.  Like seriously could someone please explain to me how it takes less effort to shove a sock in a drawer than to just PUT IT IN THE HAMPER?!?!

home mess messy heart
It’s the collection of empty soda cans that my husband likes to accumulate on his nightstand and the toothpaste splattered across his entire mirror like he was trying to practice splatter painting while brushing his teeth.

It’s the bedroom in which my 15 year old son resides in…one must never go in there….EVER.

teenagers mess kids rooms
Even as I sit here writing this post and my eyes somehow wander over to our poor, pathetic, dry, dead tree that if so much as a spark from a candle landed on…it would light up like the Griswald family Christmas tree.  The kids have rearranged every ornament and I’m quite certain the tree had been pissed on in the wild…no fab pine smell this year.  But it’s our tree, in our home, and it only has a few more days to go.

My home is where my family is busy making messes and memories.  Where in the midst of all the chaos I am reminded that all the noisy insanity is better than being alone and going insane from the loneliness of silence. **imagines herself in a nice hot bubble bath, glass of wine in hand, silence**. “MOMMY?!?!”

Back to reality…the reality that this is my home and it’s the best place where I can be myself, lounge around in sweat pants with holes, have messy hair, cry, laugh, fart, be an absolute bitch, and my family will still love me.

I won’t tag anyone for this post but if it peaks your interest enough to write about it please leave me a link in my comments.


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~The 11 Things About Me Tag~

11 Things About Me Tag blogging bloggers bloggerlove

I was tagged for this post by two lovely bloggers Laura at Laura’s Lovely Blog and Claire at Tin Box Traveller.  I want to thank both ladies for thinking of me for this.  I love to read and get to know more about those who I come across in the blogoshere!

Laura’s Questions:

You’ve won a new life to somewhere amazing, no costs spared – where would it be and who would you take with you?

~My husband and children of course and my best friend and her family.  As for where, I recently saw a show filmed in Tahiti and it looks absolutely amazing there.  Who doesn’t love the beach?~

If you could cure one disease in the world what would it be?

~Cancer.  It robs too many young people of their lives.  And no child should EVER have to endure something as evil as being robbed of their life.~

Shoes or handbags?

~I am going to have to go with handbags here.  Even though I don’t own a bag over $50, I still purchase them more often then shoes.~

Which famous person would you be tempted to have an affair with?

~Matthew McConaughey.  Bet you all thought I was going to say Channing Tatum huh?  Don’t get me wrong…Channing is charming but Matthew is like an aged fine wine ;)~

What is your all-time favourite film?

~Flashdance.  Something about that movie will always reminds me to never give up on my dreams.~

And your all-time favourite book?

~The Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz.  Although I haven’t picked up a book in FOREVER!  Busy reading too many fabulous blogs these days.~

Would you ever have plastic surgery?

~YES!  Not on my face though.  Messing with the face is tricky and you can come out looking worse then when you went in.  Just for the record though the only surgery I have ever had is 3 C-sections.  In 3 years time.  Therefore I have no rush to go under any knives right now.~

What is the best part about being a parent?

~Loving someone unconditionally.  Knowing that no matter what…you will always love those tiny little humans that you produced…even when they grow up and start lives of their own.  The first time I laid eyes on all three of my (gave birth to) children I can’t even begin to explain the amount of emotion that poured out of me.  I knew my life would change forever…and I wanted it to.  Being a step-mom is important to me too.  But the love you have when you give birth to a child is just unexplainable….no one else will ever be their “mommy”.  My step sons have a mom…therefore I will never be their “mommy”.  I am “Trista” to them and always have been.~

What is the reason behind your blog name?

~I knew I wanted the word Domesticated in it since I have become just that since getting married and having kids. (If you knew me prior to this, you know exactly what I am talking about)  The “momster” part came from the fact that I knew when I wrote about motherhood…I wasn’t going to sugar coat it.  There are good days and bad days and I like to tell it all with a little bit of sarcasm attached to it.~

If you were a super hero what would your super power be?

~To clean the entire house from top to bottom and get all the laundry done instantly.  Like snap my fingers and BOOM it’s done!  Isn’t that every housewife’s super power dream?  I hate wasting any of my time on that stuff but I am also know it needs to be done and I always feel so much better about it when it is.~

If you could wear one outfit for the rest of your days, what would you choose?

~A sun dress.  They are super comfy but still able to be worn out in public without looking like a frumpy housewife.~

Those were some great questions Laura!

Claire’s Questions:

   Where did you go on your last holiday?

~To the Redwoods in Northern California.  It was beautiful and some valuable family time spent!~

 What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?


Tent or holiday villa, and why?

~I would have to go with the villa cause even when I camp, it’s in a camper and not a tent.~

Who do you admire the most?

~There are actually a lot of people who I admire.  I have answered this question before with “myself” only because I know that when there is no one else to rely on I can rely on myself.~

   What’s the most recent thing that made you laugh out loud?

~Wow that is a tough one because the things my kids say make me laugh out loud every day!~

Who do you text the most?

~My husband.  We have always texts each other.  Even when we first started dating.~

   How many countries have you visited and which was your favourite?

~I would really have to think about how many I have been to.  But the one I liked the most was Jamaica.~

  What chore is always at the bottom of your to-do list?

~Windows.  I would rather hire someone to do it.~

What’s your greatest fear?

~Something or someone harming my children of course!  Second is leaving them motherless.  I never want to leave my children motherless while they are kids.~

  What’s at the top of your summer holiday packing list?

~Bathing suits!  Summer is just not summer at all without a bathing suit.~

 If you had one tip for new bloggers what would it be?

~Be social and share your fellow bloggers work.  It only takes a minute but produces an everlasting smile.  I am always about the #bloggerlove!~

Great questions Claire!

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My 11 questions are:

What would you consider is your greatest strength and your worst weakness?

What is the one thing on your bucket list that you are destined to accomplish?

What’s your favorite dinner to make?

What’s the best blog post you have read in the last 3 days?

What is your favorite blog post of your own blog?

Favorite Disney movie?

Would you ever want to be president?

What vegetables are in your fridge right now?

Have you ever won anything in a contest? If so, what was it?

Spring or Fall…which season do you like more?

Would you ever want to be famous?

Thank you again to Laura and Claire for tagging me in this challenge and if you haven’t been tagged and would like to participate PLEASE DO!  Leave the link to your finished post in my comments or tag me with it on Twitter.

Thanks for participating,

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~20 Things You Didn’t Know About Me~

I was tagged by my friends Becky at Cuddle Fairy and Debbie at My Random Musings for this fun questionnaire about getting to know more about me!  In the day to day blogging world all of us get so busy that we forget to stop and ask questions sometimes…so these types of posts are great for that.

The rules are as follows:

  • Link back to the blogger who nominated you and answer their 10 questions
  • Add the badge to your post
  • Write your own 10 questions and tag 10 bloggers to do the same

bloggers blogging getting to know me blogging blog 20 things getting to know

Becky’s Questions:

1. If you could return to one place you have already traveled to, where would it be?   Jamaica.  
2. What kind of music do you like?  I love music in general.  My favorite band is “No Doubt”.
3. What’s your favourite book or magazine? What is a magazine?  Do people still read those? 
4. What’s your favorite thing to shop for (ie: handbags if you asked me)?  Home decor.  I love decorating and designing.
5. If you could travel back in time & give your 17-year-old self one piece of advice – what would it be?  Ditch the boy…he’s a waste of your valuable time and energy.
6. Do you have a favorite sweet / candy?  Have to go with skittles here.  It’s all about tasting the rainbow.
7. Do you have any pets? Yes. A German Shepard named Roxy who thinks she’s human.  She is the best dog I have ever owned and has proven to be a valuable asset to this family.
8. What’s your favourite perfume? Right now my pick is Deep Red by Hugo Boss.  A bottle of perfume lasts me like a year.
9. What was your first job?  Kmart.
10. Name one blog that you really enjoy & follow regularly (I know it’s hard to choose just one!).  This used to be easier when I didn’t have 2 linkys to host and an “outside blogging” life to attend.  Not to mention there are quite a few that I really enjoyed and then suddenly they just stopped blogging.  I would have to say the one I do like to frequent a lot would be “Behind The White Coat“.  I love to read her stories.  And her photography intrigues me.

Debbie’s Questions:

1. If you could be invisible for one day, where would you go and what would you do? For some reason I am stuck on this question.  I would have to say I would want to go somewhere that is top secret to find out what’s really being said about stuff going on in our country.  But I am also afraid I would hear something I don’t want to.  I wouldn’t mind spending a day in  Channing Tatum’s dressing room either. ;o) 
2. What is your biggest fear? Anything bad happening to my kids.
3. If you could commit a crime with no fear of retribution, would you do it? Hmmm.  I would rob a bank if I knew I wouldn’t get caught ;o)
4. Who do you look up to most? Myself. As narcissistic as that sounds…there’s no one I can rely on more then myself.
5. What is your favourite colour? Any color that relates to the fall.
6. What is your most embarrassing moment? There’s just too many.
7. If you could be any fictional character, who would it be and why? Jack Skeleton.  He lives Halloween all the time.
8. What is your favourite gadget? My Ninja Blender.
9. Facebook or Twitter? Used to be Facebook but now that I blog I would say I am on twitter more.
10. Who is your favourite author? Dean Koontz or James Patterson.  Love both their styles of writing.

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My Questions:

  1. Beach or mountains?
  2. What’s your favorite brand name?
  3. How long have you been blogging?
  4. Link the best blog post you have read today.
  5. Favorite color for a car?
  6. If you could be any age again what age would that be?
  7. If you could have any questioned answered…what question would you ask?
  8. What’s your favorite television show?
  9. Halloween or Christmas?
  10. Are you attracted more to looks….or personality?

If you weren’t tagged and you would like to participate please consider yourself tagged and make sure to leave the link in my comments so that I can read more about you!  If I have tagged you and you have already been tagged and completed the task then also leave the link in my comments.


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~For The Love Of The Beach~

love beach ocean sand water

Who doesn’t love the beach?  It’s all about the sand in your ass crack between your toes.  The sun on your face.  And the people who shouldn’t have left the house in that watching.  Personally I have always loved the beach which is ironic because I have lived more then half my life in the desert.  Maybe because I couldn’t afford to live at the beach…who wants to work when you live by the beach?  I would be calling in sick all the time.  Which as a stay at home mom would probably be frowned upon.

We are actually planning our family trip to northern California this summer.  A fabulous 9 nights only a mile from the beach.  We will be staying in our home on wheels camper all snug like sardines.  I am sure we will smell like sardines by the time the trip is over.  My husband has been rambling on about it for the past 3 months.  I of course just started getting excited about it over the past few days.  That was after the stress of having to pack a camper for the 6 of us settled in my head.  Luckily there are no diapers to have to pack this year.  I don’t know how we ever survived on vacations when we had 3 in diapers and 2 on bottles.  Bins, bins, and more glorious pain in the ass bins!

We have been to the beach many times as a family and I am quite certain that the mini van, we just traded in, still had bits of sand deep within the carpet and cracks of the seats amongst all the other bodily fluids memoirs of all our trips.

The following are some of my photographed memoirs (all by me) from one said trip.

beach love sand ocean vacationbeach ocean love sand vacation

beach vacation sand love oceanbeach vacation love sand oceanbeach vacation love sand ocean


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National Teddy Bear Picnic Day ~ June 10

Teddy Bear Picnic National Day

Today is National Teddy Bear Picnic Day!  So grab your little monsters and their little furry friends (not the dust balls behind the couch)…and have a picnic.  Too hot? Raining? Then have a tea party inside.  And remember to take lots of pictures.

For us parents it is also…

Pina Colada Day Cocktails Frozen Drinks

So while you are enjoying your children and their “teddy bear picnic”.   Make sure you enjoy a glass or 3 of this yummy frozen goodness.  Just watch out for brain freeze.

These public service announcements brought to you by yours truly,

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July 1st…National Canada Day

To all my canadian readers and friends!

Happy National Canada Day

Yours truly,

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Appreciate Your Fellow Blogger


I haven’t been blogging for very long so nothing about blogging makes me any kind of an expert.  I started my blog in October of 2014 but never really started putting an effort into it until around the end of Feb 2015.  And it’s true that if you water your plants they will grow!

Along the way I have embraced many splendid blogs and the enchanting people behind them.  I would have to say that the blogging world has probably saved my sanity on so many levels.  I was a wandering momster, new to this small town I live in,  searching for anyone who I could just relate to.  Having a hard time meeting people in real life, in a whim of 5 minutes I created my blog and now I have formed an online “posse” all of my own.  And I love every day that I get to be a part of the blogging world.  I used to rely on Facebook for my daily entertainment but now I have discovered a whole other world besides that place.


Some blogs I have read lately have made me wonder about why some just aren’t as supportive of their fellow bloggers as others.  We are all in this blogging world together and for the most part I think that the majority of us just aim to be a part of something.  Something that we can call “all our own”.  Some may have started blogging for one reason but have found a completely different reason to keep doing it.  Regardless of the reasons we should all be supportive of one another.  We should be happy when someone has a viral post,  for “most” of us would want that too.  Don’t be jealous of what other’s have…congratulate them and be happy for them.  And you never know…in the realm of your support you just might discover a hidden silver lining.

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Things That Piss Me Off-Part 1

pissed off mad angry irritated upset ranting

Recently I did the “50 Things That Make Me Happy” writing challenge and I seriously found it a dispute with my sanity to find 50 happy self characteristics.  Well being the momster that I am I have decided that I am going to write about the “50 Things That Piss Me The Fuck Off”

  1. Stepping on a lego or any other small jagged toy.  This one I am sure is on many mommy’s lists.  Right up there with stepping on a 5 sided jagged thorn.  Or maybe even fire hot glass.  I am quite certain that they all feel the same.Stepping On A Lego Toys
  2. When the ice machine in my fridge runs out.  That sucker is on speed ice and it still doesn’t produce enough ice for this family to get to the end of the day.  Doesn’t help that everyone, but me, in the house doesn’t  know how to push the fast ice option when it has timed out.  And to add to the problem, not mentioning any names ,Matthew, is notorious for filling a cup up with ice and water and then leaving it on the counter to sit.  The ice melts and then it’s just water and by the time he tends to it…it’s warm.  He dumps it in the sink and gets a new freshly filled glass of ice water.
  3. My husband when he insists that he’s right about E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.  I am sure I am not the only one with a man like that but I would sure enter him in a contest for a new husband money over who does it best.  Guess we all want to be the best at something.
  4. Anyone who makes an effort at something and then does it half assed.  I hate this!!!  It’s a pet peeve with me.  If you are going to take the time to do something then please follow through and do it correctly.
  5. Getting my tongue burnt by hot food.
  6. Slow drivers in the fast lane.  Although now that I live in a very small town I don’t drive a freeway much and no one is ever in a hurry around here.  But my recent trip to Las Vegas was a road rage nightmare.’
  7. When my morning alarm goes off.  I hate getting up to an alarm…but on school and gym mornings it is a must.
  8. The dryer signal.  It’s a reminder that the clothes now need to be folded before they start to wrinkle.  And of course it always goes off right when I am in the middle of something I feel is more important.
  9. My children misbehaving.  Especially in public.
  10. When the dishwasher doesn’t clean the dishes.  What’s the point of even having a dishwasher if you have to wash everything before you put it in there?  It should just be called a dish rinser instead.
  11. No toilet paper.  And of course this is always when I have already sat my precious arse on the porcelain god.
  12. Waiting.  I hate waiting for anything.  But I really hate it when I am waiting on something or someone that is late. Even with having 3 little ones I am rarely late for anything.
  13. The wind.
  14. When my husband farts in the car and it smells like something died in his bowels stinks.  He doesn’t roll the window down and he pushes the child lock so that none of the rest of us can roll down the window either.  He thinks it’s funny….I however, DO NOT!
  15. SLOW INTERNET!  Welcome to rural Nevada where you spend half your time waiting for the internet to work.blogging blogger blog struggles stats computers
  16. My husband’s snoring.  Inevitably I try to fall asleep before him usually with the help of ambien or wine mixed together.
  17. When my dog tries to runaway.  Every time the front door is left open for any amount of time she darts right out it!  And the only way I can get her back is to take one of our vehicles and chase her down until she gets in.  Doesn’t she realize that she has life so good here?
  18. Having to update software.  This is especially upsetting when it then messes something else up.  Create one bug to fix another.
  19. Blue kids toothpaste.  They get it over every white surface of their bathroom.
  20. Dead beat moms and dads.  Especially the ones who claim to be so good at parenting when they have never had to parent.  You can read about my shit storm battle with this here.
  21. Restless Leg Syndrome.  If you don’t suffer from it then you haven’t a clue as to how irritating it is and how much it makes me want to chop my legs off at the knee cry.  If you aren’t sure what it is then google it or you can read about my struggle with it here.
  22. My kids asking if it’s snack time every 20 minutes.  This especially occurs right after I have gone to the grocery store and the pantry and fridge are full of goodies.  Like somehow in their warped little minds we are supposed to go through all the snacks in one span of an hour.
  23. When I can’t figure technical shit stuff out.  I am self taught with everything that has to do with photography and blogging.  Trial and error they call it.  I call it F*#K this S#!T!  Unless of course it works when I attempt to conquer it.  Then I am happy as a pig in shit a happy camper.
  24. Rude people.  Especially the ones who work at the DMV.  Is it a pre-requisite on an application? Also people who are mean when they drink.  My advice to them is just do us all a favor and put the bottle glass down.
  25. Clutter.  Therefore you can only imagine how high my blood pressure is with 3 toddlers and a teenager.  And let’s not forget the hubby.  I don’t think I have mentioned him yet have I?

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao


It’s going to be busy night here at Souzaville tonight.  Fight night, friends, food, and frolicking with alcohol.

So question is….who’s corner are you in?


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I have a confession to make.  I literally stumbled upon the world of blogging.  I had never given it even a thought until one day someone mentioned that I should blog.  I am sure it’s because they adored my sense of humor and witty antics that they felt it should be shared with the world.  **pats self on head**

I had never read blogs…except for maybe the occasional ones that were posted in my Facebook feed.  But other then that had never even subscribed to a single blog.  Had really no idea that there was an entire blogging universe that was just waiting for me to discover it.


My blogging days started in October of 2014.  I literally sat down one day…did a couple google searches about “starting a blog” and 5 minutes later I had a name and an account on WordPress.  I even bought my domain name before I even published my first blog.  I have been known to be impulsive.  This also means that I had no clue as to what I was actually doing.

So there I was just tinkering away with my blog.  Made quite a few blog posts, posted some photography, took a blogging 101 university class(which I learned a lot from), and was basically just doing everything by trial and error…with lots of errors.  Then December rolled around and between getting ready for the holidays and my January/February “funk” I really didn’t do much with my blog.  And the stats reminded me of that.


Then sometime in late February I decided it was time to rekindle my love affair with my blog.

Owing to the fact that I started my blog without a clue to what I was doing I did not make most of my social media accounts using Domesticated Momster.   So last night I made an email account and a new twitter account using my blog name.  I also made a new Pinterest and linked my blog Facebook page onto my home page.  So if any of you have been following me on any of those social networks please follow my new ones.


Blogging is very time consuming.  I am learning something new what seems like daily.  Luckily I love to learn new stuff and thrive on making blogging fun and not a dreaded convention.  The extraordinary people and charming blogs that I stumble upon along the way are delightedly just a bonus.