Bring On The Vino

I have always loved the Barefoot line of wines.  They are on the cheaper side but they never leave me with a headache and their red line is mighty tasty.  Tonight I am trying the “Sweet Red Blend”

Bottle_167x625_Sweet Red Blend

It’s very similar to the “Sweet Red” but maybe just a tad less sweet.  I bet over some ice and a splash of club soda would make it a great little summertime spritzer.  Although it’s so hard to think about summer right now as it has been rainy and cold all day. So instead I will just pour myself another glass, put the mini monsters to bed, and have a date with my bathtub.  Bubbles and Epsom Salt and a bottle glass of wine, put the “f@%k it all” mood at bay.

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The Wine Vinturi Gadget

Vinturi aerator enlarged x2

While I was in the city recently I decided I wanted to go to a TJMaxx Home Goods Store.  I was there last week with all 5 kids in tow and well let’s just say that mommy isn’t good at keeping focus when on the crazy train shopping with the kids.  Have you ever tried on jeans with 3 toddlers in your dressing room?  They yell out the color of your underwear…they ask about the dimples in your ass….and don’t even get me started on the tampon string.  And it never fails…as soon as I am naked and getting ready to try on my “maybe” purchases…one yells “Mommy! I need to go poop! NOW!”  Regardless of whether they really do or not … you take them as to avoid them taking a shit ca ca on the floor of the dressing room.

Ok I am really getting off course about my new find here.

I was disappointed to find upon my return to this particular store that the stuff I had so hopelessly wanted, had already been sold out.  Literally in two days it was GONE!  So I decided to convey my way through the narrow isles of housewares, trying not to break anything.  This is hard to do when there are rows of glass shelves full of huge glass pieces and you keep meeting up with the same “isle hog whore” “isle space demanding” lady around every corner.  Like I was somehow suppose to move my cart and risk bumping my clumsy self into one of these shelves.  It would be a “clean up” and “get your credit card out” on isle 2.

Now I love kitchen gadgets…and kitchen gadgets that have anything to do with wine are the key straight to my lips heart.  I notice several boxes with the picture above printed on them.  I am trying to convince myself that I really don’t need it and begin to put the box down when a woman picks one up and starts talking to me.  She explains that she has used these gadgets at the “Wine and Picasso” events in the city and that every glass of wine just tasted so much better.  SOLD!  It’s now in my cart and on it’s way out the door, stopping at check-out first of course.


Of course I get home that night and want to try it out but I had no red wine in the house (yes I fucking drank it all …don’t judge) but I was too tired to go to the store to get more.  So tonight I stop by the store, after burning a ton of calories at the gym…I didn’t eat dinner therefore I have decided that I am going to consume my carbs in wine…and I pick up a bottle of red wine that I wasn’t too fond of the first time I had bought it.  I am going to put this gadget to the test.

22ef922329502156edf35729168fb438    BqEKRnlCcAE8sgG

First of all it makes the coolest sound as you pour the wine through it and instantly you can see the air bubbles in your glass.  The aroma steeps from the glass and you can instantly smell all the flavors in which the bottle embraces.

If you are a red wine lover and have ever opened a bottle of wine and thought it tasted a little too bitter…I highly recommend you get one of these contraptions.


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Cupcake Red Velvet Wine


I keep buying this brand of wine because somehow I keep thinking that it’s going to magically taste like a buttery, creamy cupcake in my mouth….sadly I have yet to have tasted a good wine from them.  I have suddenly realized that maybe the meaning behind the name is that it goes good with a sweet frosted cupcake.  Unfortunately I have none.


Needless to say I started this bottle while cooking dinner and am only about half way through it.  Chalk this up to the “never purchase again” list.

Wine Review: Uncensored

Tonight’s selection is “Uncensored” Red Blend by Geyser Peak.


I am all about a catchy label or a catchy name and in this case it was both.   Let’s face it…most of my life is uncensored so why not drink the wine that tells the same story.   This wine is a tasty one.  Even the description of the ingredients on the back of the bottle had my taste buds watering.  Especially with the talk of dark chocolate and a whiff of toasted marshmallows from a campfire.  Makes me want to start a fire in my fire pit outside if only the wind wasn’t blowing 100 miles an hour which makes it feel like below zero this time of year.  So instead I will finish off this delicious bottle in the comfiness of my recliner, in the warmth of the four walls of my bedroom.

My Love of Wine

I love wine!!!  And lately I am all about trying many different kinds of reds.  So I decided why not blog about it?  Don’t all mommies drink wine? By the box?  I thought about doing a Wine for Wednesday  but today is only Tuesday so then I thought maybe a Tipsy Tuesday but the truth is I like wine any night of the week.  So while at the store tonight, my husband and I strolled down the wine isles in search of something new to try.  Tonight’s selection is “Dead Bolt” and “The Middle Sister


Can you tell who chose what?   Both were under $10.oo and if you buy 6 bottles of any wine you get it for even cheaper!  That’s my kind of deal. ((holds up bottle for you to see while looking at reciept))  The middle sister reminds me of my little M who is also a middle sister.  And she is full of sweet and sass all rolled into one.  Just like this wine.

I have been wanting to try Middle Sister for some time now, and the label has many different flavors and a very clever name  for each flavor.  And well let’s face it…the art work on the label is just so eye catching.  Therefore the catchy names and label just seal the deal for me.(oh yeah…the “Rebel Red” is very tasty)

The Dead Bolt was very good as well.  Dry with a very small hint of sweet.  According to my husband I had more of that bottle.  What does he know?…  Other then the more tipsy I am, the more likely I am to ((beep beep))…there goes the roadrunner.


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