That’s A Wrap ~ Jan 23, 2016

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I seriously just don’t know where the weeks are going.  It seems like one day it’s Monday and the next it’s Friday.

This past Sunday was a huge day in the Souzaville household as the Denver Broncos beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and are one step closer to being in the super bowl.  It was a very stressful game to say the least since the Broncos didn’t get their shit act together until the last 5 minutes of the game.

And for anyone who is sitting there thinking something along the lines of “well the Steelers didn’t have all their star players playing”.  Just keep them thoughts to yourself.  A win is a win and I can’t help it if their players are constantly getting injured.  Their quarterback is also half our quarterback’s age.

I also don’t want to hear anything about what we are up against on Sunday.  It’s bad enough that my husband has insisted on listening to all the sports networks talk about it all week on the tv. Denver Broncos football game image good vibes fans Yes I am fully aware we are the underdogs.  But I also never give up hope on my Broncos.  **positive Broncos vibes**


About mid-week the crud of all cruds hit the little monsters of the household.  Started off with coughing then sore throats.  One daughter was running a fever off and on.  I took 2 of the 3 to the doctor as the 3rd said he was feeling well enough that he wanted to go to school. The doctor wrote me scripts for both the girls but told me to only get them filled if they started acting like the girl in The Exorcist  their symptoms got worse.  The next morning my 4 year old little monster M woke up barely able to swallow and upon looking in the back of her throat with a flashlight…..what should appear but big huge white pockets of nastiness.  Script one filled.

Thursday night little monster B man was fine all day, went to wrestling practice, came home and just before bed started throwing up.  Wasn’t running a fever but had a hard time getting to sleep as he couldn’t quit coughing which then would cause him to throw up again.  Little monster Z girl is so far only presenting a cough with no other symptoms.  I kept all of them home on Friday in hopes that we could nick this crud it the arse by Monday.  Bad part about sick kiddos is finding things to keep them entertained while stuck in the house.  Yesterday they pretty much just wanted to lay around and watch movies because all weren’t feeling good.  Today because they are a bit better, things are getting a little restless around here.  But I will prevail!

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This statement sums up why I am a certified Domesticated Momster.  Hope all of you had a great week!


That’s A Wrap ~ Jan 16, 2016


Another week of the new year behind us and I would have to say that it has probably been a pretty normal one.  Well as normal as you can get here at Souzaville.

I have been trying to do a bit of organizing each day.  I bought an electronic labeler and cleared out the clear bins section of our local Wal-Mart.  Do any of you use an electronic labeler?  They have come a long way since those little disc gadgets that you had to turn it to each letter and then the hard plastic label that came out was almost always guaranteed to give you a cut. th.jpeg Now they make them where you can just type the word in, even using different fonts and borders, and press print, and it prints it out and you can place it on right away with no smudging or cuts.  Yes I realize I am really excited over a labeler…it’s a “mom on a mission” thing.  **thinks about all the things that need to be labeled**

I am sad to say that we aren’t the billion dollar Powerball winners.  I drove 6 hours (round trip), by myself, through snow and cold to purchase tickets.  Yes the time alone without hearing the word “mom” was nice but it’s a very long and boring drive.

I even had a ridiculous “WTF?” moment.  I got in the truck that morning to leave…looked at the gas gage and read that it was full.  Was happy about it, since I hate pumping gas especially when it’s cold.  Got about 20 minutes down the highway and the gas light comes on.  Luckily this happened before I hit the last gas station there was for miles.  So here I am thinking that the gage is broken…I am tapping on the glass and thinking “Great! something else that will need to be fixed!”  I put the gas in…start the truck up and suddenly it dawns on me that the entire time, the gage was on EMPTY! 200w-1.gif Ding dong here was reading it backwards!  **laughs at herself still thinking about it** I blame it on my brain adjusting to the abandonment of wine from it.

The all mighty snow God is still going strong.  It was all just about melted until a couple nights ago when I woke up to yet another winter wonderland.  weekly updates blogging snow winter2016I won’t complain about it because of course we need any and all water we can get but the problem is that one of our trucks is only a 2WD as we had just gotten it a few months before deciding to move up here.  My husband drives it down the road to the the parking lot where he catches the bus that takes him to work.  Down the road is no problem…it’s coming back up to our neighborhood and into our steep driveway that poses the problem.  He has to take the long way around and them come down our street to get a running start and then gas it up our driveway and into the garage.

He cleared this pathway and the driveway yesterday morning…200w-2.gifthis morning I wake up and it’s covered in snow again.  Guess it’s my turn to shovel.

We officially have a 6 year old now.  His party went off with no major set backs except that mommy forgot spoons for the ice cream cups.  But the kids didn’t seem to have a problem digging in there with forks.  I did feel a little rushed as we had it at our local bowling alley and they only allow an hour and a half which just isn’t enough time to bowl, eat pizza, cake and ice cream, and open presents.  I don’t think any of the kids got to finish their bowling games which kind of upset me since I had already prepaid for them all.  We didn’t have a theme for the party as my son requested a minecraft cakeminecraft birthday party cake and then we sent out Star Wars invitations.  I think there was some avengers stuff thrown in there too and the goodie bags I did were dinosaurs.  Oh well, what 5 and 6 year olds care about themes anyways?

He was happy, his friends were happy, therefore mommy was happy.  It was his first birthday party so for both of us it was kind of a big deal.

On the blogging front this week I have been doing pretty good with keeping up to my schedule.  If you missed any of my posts just click the links below.  I hope you all had a fabulous week!!!

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That’s A Wrap ~ Jan 9, 2016

That's A Wrap #souzaville weekly wrap up week at a glance

This feels like it’s been the longest week ever for some reason.  Getting the kids and myself back into routine after having two weeks off was nothing short of a real pain in the ass.  I must admit I liked the idea of not having to set an alarm clock over the Christmas break.

I know that most people don’t like the snow but I can honestly say that I am actually really enjoying the winter wonderland we are getting this year.  This is our second winter here in the northern hemisphere and last year it barely snowed and never stuck but this year is just the opposite.winter trees frost snow cold  I just love when the tree branches are laced with snow and frost.  I wanted to get out and take more pictures on this particular day but of course there is just never enough time in my day sometimes.

This is partly do to the fact that I have taken up getting my fat physique  body back to the gym.  I have decided to even blog about my progress in my Workout Wednesdays posts.  Just in case you missed the first one you can click on the link.  There’s a lovely gif of John Travolta twerking it 70’s style that’s guaranteed to make you laugh.

I have to say that I have fallen completely in love with Zumba and can’t believe that it took me so long to try it out.  Not to mention it’s great for vamping up increasing FitBit exercise tracker steps loggingthe steps on my FitBit.

The greatest thing about Zumba is it reminds me of the days of going to the clubs and dancing, only I’m not drunk and falling on my ass nor am I hung over the next day.  However, I am very sore!  But it’s a good kind of sore.  The kind you know you worked hard for.

I am also going strong with my no drinking.  Haven’t had a drop of alcohol since New Year’s Eve and yesterday was even Friday!  **takes a bow** Yeah I know it’s only been 8 days but that’s the longest I have gone without a beer or glass of wine since pregnant and nursing.  And maybe that one time in high school.

My other passion, the Denver Broncos, won last Sunday’s game against the San Diego Chargers putting them in first place of the AFC.high five Denver Broncos AFC  In case you missed my post about my psychotic compulsion obsession with them you can catch that here.

Today is a big day here at Souzaville as my mini monster B is having his very first birthday party.  He decided on wanting it at the bowling alley and with a cosmic flair.  I am sure after an afternoon of kids, pizza, cake, and ice cream I will be wishing that I had bought that bottle of wine that I stared at for 15 minutes in the grocery store the other day.

And to wrap up my week on a good story I had a moment of paying it forward the other day.  There was a lady in front of me at the grocery store who was purchasing a few items to make a batch of spaghetti with.  She had an EBT card and their system was down and she wasn’t able to pay for her groceries.  She was extremely stressed because she didn’t have a car and had gotten a ride from a friend.  So I went ahead and paid for them.  She was nearly in tears and hugging me and informed me she had been laid off from her job around Christmas time.  Regardless of whether her story was true or not I don’t know…but it made me feel good to help someone who was in need of some help.  And it wasn’t her fault that their system was down.

I hope all of you have a fabulous week and in case you missed it…#momsterslink is back!  So bring your favorite new or old post and come link up!


That’s A Wrap ~ 2015

goodbye 2015 goals stats 2016

I still can’t bring myself to accept that another year has come and gone.  It seems like just yesterday I was making the decision whether to do something with this blog or shut it down and that was back in March.  My most viewed piece that month was “I Met Him On The Internet” with 296 views.  It’s the story behind how I met my husband.

My best month this year was July with 3,456 views for the month.  The top viewed post was “What Do Bloggers Actually Do?“.  A funny piece that only we as bloggers would understand that brought in 272 views.

But my winning post for the year goes to the letter I wrote to Whirlpool Corporation after my $1500 washer took a crap at only 14 months old.  It was entitled “One Pissed Off Customer” and received 467 views, 324 of them were in one day on June 3rd.  It also got me blocked from their Twitter.  Yes people, a major billion dollar corporation BLOCKED little ol’ me from their Twitter.  But in the end they paid for my washer to get fixed and it wasn’t under warranty.

I uploaded 984 pictures.  I like being visual obviously.

My top 5 commenters were Rockin Random Mom, Cuddle Fairy, Growing Up Kater Tot, Random Musings, and Flop Til You Drop.  So I would like to thank Michelle, Becky, Katie, Debbie, and Sandi for taking time out of their days to leave me such awesome comments!

I also want to give a HUGE thank you to not only all the bloggers who share my crazy thoughts and mayhem across all their social networks but also to my friends (especially Lynn, Shaina, Tammy, and Stacy) YOU ALL ROCK!  Sharing my stuff puts a huge smile on my face 😆!

My top reference guide for leading people to my blog came from Facebook with 2,222.  Followed by Twitter with 1,726.  Search engines such as google, bing, and yahoo at 1,437.  And the top country in which my views came from was right here in the good ol USA with 14,795 followed by the UK with 5,675.

And at the time I am writing this post there has been 26,952 peeks at my blog and I now have a following of 8,459 peeps.

So what lies ahead for me for 2016?

Bringing back #momsterslink

Monday Music Mantras where I will be sharing what music I have been listening to.

Daily Post Writing Prompts.  I feel the need to challenge my writing skills a bit.  And it’s a great way for networking.

Wednesday Workout Updates 2016 is the year I am getting in shape with no excuses!!!  I will keep you updated every Wednesday and possibly even challenge you with some exercises to try.  Also if  you got a FitBit for Christmas or already have one please add me, for my friends and I are always doing the daily and weekly challenges.

Throwback Thursdays where I will choose a post from the past, revamp it a bit, and post it.

Bringing Back Friday’s Top 5.  But instead of blogs, I will be choosing blog posts instead.

Quotes Of The Week

My Fabulous National Holiday Posts

That’s A Wrap Weekly Updates About What’s Going On In Souzaville

And I am also going to start featuring guest posts.  Therefore if you are interested in writing one for me, please let me know at

I am wishing you all a safe, fun, and full of happiness new year! ❤️to you all!


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That’s A Wrap ~ December 19, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Is anyone else looking forward to December being over?

It seems like I have something to do almost everyday and today I woke up with that dreaded heaviness in my chest which reared it’s ugly head at this same time last year.  And by New Year’s Eve I could barely breathe let alone move around and my husband had to celebrate without me.  I refuse to let that happen again this year.

I am happy to report that I have finally finished my tattoo sleeve on my arm.  I might just need one more touch up appointment but I am so glad to finally have it finished.  It has been a work in progress for over a year.

Tuesday I drove into the city and had my hair done.  They had my appointment messed up and only had me down for a haircut which thankfully they worked out because there was no way I was leaving until my platinum pieces of wisdom gray hairs were covered.  I can go without a haircut much more than the color.

hair color hair styles Atlier Beauty Bar
My 4 year old monster M had her preschool program where they invited the parents and had us listen to them sing several out of tune Christmas songs.  It was such a cute performance and would have been so much more enjoyable for me if my monster M would have actually sang the songs instead of staring around the room like she wanted to be anywhere but there.

holiday program Christmas2015 kids preschool performance

We had a major snowstorm come through this week and of course the littles and I went and played in it.  We tried to sled in the freshly laid powder  but because it was so fresh it wasn’t compacted enough to get the sled to move.  However, monster B found a group of older boys who had been sledding down it enough to compact it and they were nice enough to let him join in.  (If they hadn’t the mother bitch bear in me would have come out)  He got a couple good runs in but his poor sisters whimped out of anything to do with the snow after about 30 minutes when they suddenly decided they were freezing and wanted to sit in the Yukon to warm up.

snow play snowman park winter

I had another photo shoot this week with a wonderful family.  We shot it at a local park and although the sun was out it was only about 28*F,  so we moved quickly.  Their little boy was such an absolute cutie, full of life and made the entire time so much fun for me.  In the picture below, I didn’t even ask him to kiss his sister’s forehead, he did that all on his own.

photography tristasouzaimaging photoshop memories

I am happy to say that I think we are pretty much done with the wrapping of presents and are all counting the “sleeps” before the big day.  I myself am looking forward to having two weeks of not having to set an alarm to get up and get 4 kids out the door to school.  Although I am not looking forward to the sibling rivalry that I am sure will be endured daily.  I am hoping that the baking and crafts I have planned will keep them occupied until Christmas day and then I am relying on all their new Christmas stuff to keep them quiet.  **wishful thinks**

We also had wrestling sign ups for little monster M and B this week.  That will start in January and I am interested to see how well my 4 year old girl is going to tackle someone to the ground.  But she swears that she wants to do it so I support her.  Monster B participated last year and ended up taking 3rd place overall.  Maybe he could give his sister a few pointers.  My poor 3 year old is bummed that there is yet another sport that she is too young to play.  I am sure she is sick of hearing that when she is 4 she can play sports.

My working out has been put on hold the past couple weeks and I have no excuses other than everything else this month has been more inportant than myself.  Story of #mommylife.  Even my blogging has been put on the farthest back burner, but I plan to be back in full force come January!

Hope all of you have a fabulous week and a very Merry Christmas!




That’s A Wrap ~ December 12, 2015

Christmas is in full swing here in Souzaville.  We really enjoyed last Saturday by starting off our morning going to the movies to see “The Good Dinosaur”.  My husband’s company he works for  paid for the entire event including popcorn, drink, and candy.   The movie is a really good movie and it’s a good thing I had a scarf on to wipe the tears from my face.

We then headed to the city to see Santa Claus.  I couldn’t believe how packed the mall was and it was only the first shopping week into December.  I figured we were ahead of the game.

The line for Santa was insane and after being in line for an hour a lady came with a sign and luckily put it one person behind us telling everyone that Santa wouldn’t be back until later that evening.  I felt bad for everyone behind the sign that had already been waiting but was happy we made the cut off.

Christmas2015 santa visit mall
Once my kids got their turn to see Santa my daughters knew exactly what to tell him they wanted but my son completely forgot.  He had a full on conversation with Santa but forgot to tell him what he wanted.  When Santa asked him he just blurted out “I’ll take whatever”!

After we got into the car he suddenly remembered what he wanted and then insisted that daddy call him (since daddy’s been telling him for a few weeks now that he has him on speed dial) and tell him what he wanted.  He still wasn’t convinced so after we got home I told him to tell Markle the elf to relay the message to Santa.

I spent Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday being super mom and cleaning and organizing 3 little kids rooms getting them ready for all their new Christmas stuff.

cleaning organizing kids r rooms
I organized drawers, closets, toys, and even washed and put away all their clothes and cleaned all their bedding and made their beds.  Of course now it looks like I was never in there but it was nice for the 30 seconds it lasted.

I also had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot with a 1 week old newborn baby who was so tiny compared to the 10 pound babies I gave birth to.  I have been busy trying to get a couple a day edited.  Such a busy time of year that I just need more hours in my day.

photography photoshop newborn photos western
I thought we were so ahead of the game on the wrapping of presents until several packages came this week so it looks like daddy and I will be busy wrapping up a storm this weekend.

I haven’t been to the gym this week and I can tell in my energy level the past few days.  It’s so hard to stay on track with all the holiday goodies floating around.  Hopefully next week I can get back on track.  Come Jan 1st there will be no more excuses.

My 15 year old has started his wrestling season and beat his opponent last night 17-3.  So proud of him he really does give his all to every sport he participates in.  He’s the one on the right and weighs in at 106 pounds and barely 5 foot tall. He’s managing to keep good grades, participate in sports, slacks on his chores sometimes 😉, and has had the same girlfriend for about 6 months now.  It’s hard to believe that he’s come so far from the 8 year old kid I met when I met his father.

wrestling Lowry High School Winmemucca

Hope you all had a fab week!


That’s A Wrap ~ December 5, 2015

It’s been a busy week here in Souzaville.  We kicked off the week with hubby’s birthday.  He still has an illusion thinks he’s 20 something.  I sometimes have the illusion that he’s older than me.  But he proved me wrong by keeping me out until 3am and I had to get up with the kids at 6am and see that they got off to school.  I then returned home and crawled back into bed until I had to pick them up again.  Proof I am old and can’t hang much past 9pm midnight these days.

cinderella funny humor quotes
I am proud to say that this is the first year that we have all our Christmas shopping done the first week of December and even half of it wrapped.  Usually we are bashing people with shopping carts trying to make our way through the rest of the holiday procrastinators in one piece on the last week before Christmas.  We don’t do Black Friday but Cyber Monday is awesome! Nothing like doing all your shopping and not having to even leave your recliner.

  maxine funny humor Christmas2015
I have been bugging my husband for the past several Christmas’ about putting up lights on the outside of the house.  Yes I know I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself but when we moved into our new house he claimed he didn’t want to make holes in the trim to hang the lights that will only be seen once a year for a month.  Well luckily for him me this year we were introduced to the laser lights.

weekly update Christmas2015 holidays December
Basically it’s a projector contraption that you stake into the ground and point at the house which then displays thousands of tiny little red and green sparkles upon your house.  It’s pretty genius really.

Markle, the elf, has made his yearly appearance again.  Yes out of all the “name suggestions” in the book my kids decided upon Markle.  They had named him something last year, but like the domesticated momster I am, I forgot to write the name in the book.  I am pretty sure they named him Steve or Carl or some common name like that but now he is Markle, and its set in stone sharpie in the book.  Anywho, he has been up to quite the shenanigans already.

elf on a shelf Christmas2015
Follow me on Instagram for all my elf shenanigans.

I also volunteered at my monster B’s school for what they call “Jenny’s Penguin Patch Kids Holiday Shop” where the elementary school kids are able to shop for their families.  This is done by an envelope being sent home in which the parents put whatever amount of money in the envelope and then instructions on who and what amount is to be spent… Yeah right.  There’s nothing like trying to help a 3rd grader shop for a list of 20 people with $20 in his envelope and the first thing he picks is a $5 mug for grandma.

One little kid kept telling me how his dad was always grumpy and in a bad mood…unfortunately there wasn’t any coal for sale.  Don’t worry, I didn’t tell him that but I did mention to the head organizer that next year she should order bricks made of cardboard with name tags in which the kids can fill in the name of whoever is “grumpy” to them.

Then there were the kids with no instructions on how much to spend on who so they bought 25 cent erasers for every person in their family and then spent $18 on themselves.

Let’s just say it was an interesting afternoon…and I signed up to do it again on Monday😳.  **takes note to put wine in her sippy cup**

We have been watching a plethora of Christmas movies in the evening but I always save my best one for last.  I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the movie and see if you can guess it.

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation humor funny Christmas 2015

What’s your favorite Christmas time movie?


Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday

That’s A Wrap ~ November 28, 2015

That's A Wrap Week 2

Did everyone survive the Thanksgiving holiday?  I did by stuffing the turkey with Xanax and consuming large amounts of wine.

However…I forgot to take a single picture of the food that I slaved away in the kitchen all day making.  **wipes her nose with her sleeve**

bitmoji Thanksgiving2015 turkey feast

We woke up to a wonderful white Thanksgiving morning where the snow actually was stuck to the ground and the kids of course scurried around in search of any snow gear that fit.  Their daddy doesn’t like them going out in the cold without being bundled up like the poor boys from “Christmas Story”.  I say let them go out how they want…they will defrost.

Thanksgiving holidays snow kids

My father joined us for Thanksgiving this year and he even stayed at our house instead of a hotel or in his Winnebago.  I made sure I had plenty of Bacardi and coke on hand for him.  This pic was taken after he had a couple of them.

Thanksgiving2015 grandparents fun humor

Earlier in the week I volunteered to help with my mini monster B’s class feast. 23 kids, 8 parents, and a shit ton whole lot of food made for quite the chaotic event but watching my son light up as I walked through his classroom door and telling his teacher that “his mommy is awesome” was all worth it.  Mine would be the one in the red shirt consuming his “turkey figurine made from Oreos” while his plate of food sits untouched an arm length away.

kindergarden feast Thanksgiving2015 turkey food yummy

On Friday afternoon we took the entire Souzaville clan to pick out our 2015 Christmas tree.  We also got it home all in one piece and even decorated it and got the rest of the Christmas decorations up.

Christmas2015 tree decorations

Earlier in the week I had made little beaded tree decorations shaped like candy canes and wreaths with the kids.  (You can find the link on my Everything Christmas Pinterest board)  I guess I am kind of making this into a tradition so that when they are older they can see the ones they have made along the years.  Last year it was globes with their handprints but I don’t think one of them made it to see the light of this year so we may have to redo those.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and remembered all that there is to be thankful for.  I know I have tons to be thankful for each and everyday.

Have a fabulous week!

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That’s A Wrap ~ Week 3

That's A Wrap Week 2

It’s been pretty quiet on the home front this week.  **knocks on large piece of wood**  The kids finally had a full week of school and none of that stuff I dare speak of.  If you are wondering what I am referring to, and missed week 2, please refer to it there. 😖

I have been in the kitchen a lot this week…well more then I am usually in the kitchen.  I managed to use up all the ripened vegetables from the garden making a big batch of spaghetti sauce, salsa, and some yummy pasta salad.

That's A Wrap Week 3 weekly review domesticated momster

I am happy to report that soccer is coming to a close for my little monster M this weekend and for little monster B next weekend.  I am hoping to enjoy the break from the juggling of sports schedules for a minute before wrestling starts.That's A Wrap Week 3 weekly review blogging  Next year I will be juggling 3 different soccer schedules which my husband and I joked about just parking our camper in the parking lot at the sports complex and making a day of it.  Now I am thinking maybe we weren’t joking after all.

I realized today that I have seen these 5 little boys go from a group of scatter brained kids on the field to now working as a team and actually making it an enjoyable game to watch.  I hope that my son will have bonds with these kids throughout his life of growing up here in our small town.  I give kudos to all who make it possible for these sports to continue on.

My son had a his first little school performance this week and I wasn’t able to get any pictures.  Why you ask?  Well they invited all family members for each student.  This meant mothers, fathers, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles, and siblings…all in one tiny classroom…along with the 23 students and 1 teacher.  WITH NO AIR!That's A Wrap weekly review blogging  I about died!  Like seriously there was one point I thought I was going to pass out and hit the floor.  My son’s skit was first.  He was “Jack Be Nimble”.  Just as I was about to stand up and start taking video someone’s child, that they weren’t paying any attention to, crawled right onto my feet and I couldn’t stand up.  And I MISSED IT!That's A Wrap Week 3 weekly review blogging  To say I was upset is an understatement.  I then shot the mother of said child a look…she still wasn’t paying attention!  I didn’t want to pick the crawling toddler up for fear he may start screaming.  Not to mention I was holding my professional camera and there was nowhere to set it down.  So I got literally one picture of my son at the end before we left. 😁

He did such a great job though and I have come to the realization that my son is not shy what…so…ever.  I love to see how genuinely concerned him and his peers are about one another at this age.  So much innocence.  His teacher did a wonderful job of pulling it all together.  She has her hands full with 23 students in her class.

On the blogging front I wrote about my bad mommy moment and about how to get smart about your credit.  If you missed them please take a look.

I have a day filled with soccer and halloween decor today.  I can’t believe it’s the middle of the month already and I haven’t gotten out a single decoration.  Nor have I bought any to add to our collection.  Guess I will be hitting the clearance racks to find stuff to store away for next year.  If you would like to see our decor from last year click here.

Hope you all have a fantastic week!

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~That’s A Wrap Week 2~

That's A Wrap Week 2

This week I believe has been busier then the last.  The spawn of the pink eye, that we thought we had under control, reared its ugly head 😷 again Thursday morning.  Another trip to the doctor with all toddlers in tow and a different eye drop prescription and hopefully we will get it all under control.  I feel like I have washed sheets everyday!  Oh wait CAUSE I HAVE!  Not to mention that makes 4 school days that have been missed because of this nasty contagion.

I also had some internet issues this week that caused a delay in my Thursday launch of #momsterslink. Not only that but whatever was in the techno air also caused a tweak in my brain.  I made several mistakes this week including typing a link to my Facebook page wrong in a thread, listing my hostess post for #momsterslink incorrectly, and calling a fellow blogger THE WRONG NAME!  Sorry Clare@MudpieFridays  She has a fabulous blog…please be sure to check it out if you haven’t already.

The weather has been wonderful but strange here lately.  We had some rain followed with warm sunny 80*F days.  The garden is still producing lots of tomatoes and a various assortment of peppers.  The basil has attracted a swarm of bees that are pesky little f**kers buzzers but I just leave them alone as I know they are important for the environment.  I am also allergic, so I truly must leave them alone.  But because we still have an enormous amount of goodies coming out of the garden I have been trying to come up with stuff to eat using the garden fresh veggies in everything.

That's A Wrap Week 2

Also did you know that you can pick tomatoes from the vine while they are green, place them in a cardboard box, close the lid, and they will ripen!  It really works!  And they taste delicious!

My son had his homecoming dance last Saturday night.  Him and his girlfriend Bessie looked adorable of course. That's A Wrap Week 2 I must say that I thought her dress was very tasteful compared to some of the dresses I saw strewn across various social medias that moms let their 15-year-old girls wear.  Call me old-fashioned but at that age…any age really…sometimes it’s better to leave a little to the imagination.

The hubsters and I had a fab evening out to dinner with some friends from his work.  We went to our local restaurant called “The Martin”.That's A Wrap Week 2  It has such a history there and I will surely be blogging about it someday.  They serve everything basque style and it’s so delicious that I even love the cow tongue….yes you read that right…cow tongue.

I wrapped up the week with a “me” day in the city.  I had my year-long ongoing adventure of a sleeve tattoo worked on.  It’s so close to being done and I am loving how it is coming together.That's A Wrap Week 2 tattoos batteborn tattoo shop Tim Burton  If you are ever in Reno, Nevada and looking to get some tattoo work done I highly recommend Archie at Battleborn Tattoo.  He’s been the owner there now 11+ years and has done work on both my husband and myself.

I also got my hair touched-up so nothing new to picture with that.  And to end the day I enjoyed some “all-you-can-eat” sushi from the Sushi Pier. That's A Wrap Week 2 sushi pier I was entertained my a mother and daughter team sitting next to me who were enjoying sake bombs and trying to get our sushi chef to smile.  They failed miserably.  But I had a good laugh with them in their efforts.

I then came home to the children already in bed and I nestled into mine and watched the movie “Insidious 3” which I had started to watch the night before but fell asleep.  I love scary movies and I must admit this one had me a bit spooked.  Here’s the trailer if you dare….

Have a fabulous week my friends!

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